A group training facility with a vibe you just won’t find anywhere else! You will never feel like just a number at the HIVE!

We are OPEN!!!! HUGE range of group training sessions for you to pick from! Group training at it’s best with a HUGE variety of classes tailored to ALL fitness levels! Each session our experienced trainers plan for you and explain every step of the way.  We even have a low impact version of our regular sessions! 

We are fully staffed the entire time we are open! Child minding, inbody scan analysis is all included in our unlimited memberships. We like to keep our memberships accessible and affordable without stacking on hidden fees or confusing charges. We have NO lock in contracts, NO sign up fees and NO exit fees. 

Are you wanting to lose weight, get fit, get off the couch or train hard? Maybe you are looking for something that scales up or down to suit your level of fitness?

Are you getting back into fitness after having bub or being down and out with an injury? Worried about childcare or how you are going to start your fitness journey? We have casual classes available for you to try us out without commitment.

Are you intimidated by the regular gym scene and want to be around people just like you who are giving things a go? Do you want to feel like you are part of a caring community?

Are you over boring ineffective workouts and wanting to take your fitness to the next level with progressive training designed to push your body to adapt and get stronger?

Wanna be part of something fun, exciting and innovative? Whatever your goals we have world class trainers ready with a plan to help you get there!

Absolutely love training at Hive! Having a creche available allows me to attend even when I have my children with me, and the trainers are exceptional! There is no slacking off, but if you need help, they're here!
Laura S
Hive Client
Great place to train. Super friendly staff & members. Workouts personalized to your ability. I wasn't a get up early person or fit at all but Hive has me up early & enjoying exercise. Would definitely recommend to everyone.
Kelli G
Hive Client