Hive Progressive fitness Caboolture


Push yourself further and see results with Hive's challenges!


👉 Learn how to sculpt and tone your body at any of our 40+ classes each week
👉 Find out how to eat to fuel your body while burning off fat
👉 Be supported and encouraged by an entire community of awesome locals that come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities
👉 Super fun trainers that actually love helping you to be the best you
👉 Free inbody composition scans and measurements to track your progress
👉 Personalised service tailored to your individual needs and requirements
👉 ZERO COST Childminding! Air conditioned room filled with toys, activities, gaming machines and supervised at busiest classes each day
👉 BONUS classes to push yourself further!

What you get

With Hive's 6 week challenge, you can train at as many of our 40+ classes as you wish! You have the VIP treatment which means no need to book, personalised nutrition plans, childminding, and inbody scans and measurements to track how you're coming along. Most importantly, you'll be getting top level support from your trainers and those around you!