Hive Progressive fitness Caboolture

About us

Find out all about who we are and how we got here!

Looking for a new adventure Dave and Kat moved to Elimbah. Kat was looking to lose a bit of baby weight (he was 10 but it still counts as baby weight, right?). She decided to give the closest gym to her a go. About 7 minutes into the workout, she was regretting life and close to dying. After the warm up, and as her life was flashing before her eyes, she realised that she was going to have to do this more than once in order to get to fit.  

Slugging it out day after day she got to see changes in not only herself but the people working out around her. You started to see people glow. New friendships were being formed and there was such a strong community bond. Working out here had become part of who she was.

Sadly, the gym wasn’t doing too well and was going to close in just a few weeks. The news was devastating. All she could think of was “What would happen to everyone?”.   She went home to have a chat to Dave about the possibility of buying it (and by chat we obviously mean, she cried, and Dave said yes to stop the fluid leaking from her face).

Dave had never even owned a pair of sneakers in the 30 years Kat had known him. He had never been to a gym before.  Kat had zero experience in the fitness industry. They were farmers and Kat had run restaurants. They had no business buying a gym business. What they did have going for them however is they know how to work hard, how to treat people, build a community and create a vibe. So that is what they did. January 31st at 3:00pm PEPT Caboolture became HIVE PROGRESSIVE FITNESS CABOOLTURE. No time to celebrate, the next class starts at 3:30pm.

Together with the community they improved the flow of the space, brought in more equipment and new flooring. Several working bees later it became a real HIVE. Then one Sunday in March, Kat’s phone started blowing up. Covid had shut down Australia and all gym doors were to close at noon the very next day.  They stayed closed for what felt like an eternity.

Eventually able to open the HIVE again, it was a tough gig in a post covid world. The stress took it’s toll on Kat’s health. She started to suffer from fatigue, brain fog, difficulty speaking and walking. She went from feeling limitless to having Dave help her up the stairs. After numerous tests was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Disease and Fibromyalgia. The community grew stronger around her and refused to let her give up. She has an inbox full of messages of how HIVE had saved them from a dark place and here was HIVE saving her.

HIVE is now an award-winning gym. APAC insider awarded HIVE with BEST BOUTIQUE GROUP FITNESS FACILITY QLD 2024. We made the Courier Mail BEST OF BRISBANE TOP 10 GYMS 2024. The true champions will always be the individual who shows up even when they don’t want to, and leaves everything they have on the mat.