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Discover what's really going on inside you with Hive's comprehensive body scans! Our Inbody 770 machine provides an in-depth analysis of your body composition, helping you track your progress and achieve your fitness goals. Individual scans are just $20 with discounts for larger groups! Hive members enjoy this service absolutely free!


At Hive we only charge an affordable $20 with Hive members enjoy this service FREE

Before you scan

Avoid eating/drinking, use the bathroom, avoid working out, wear light clothing and remove excess jewelry


Our Inbody 770 machine is trusted by sports institutes and research facilities because of its accuracy


Do you have a pacemaker? Are you pregnant? We recommend you avoid scanning. Menstrual cycles may impact results


Metal/silicone replacements may cause your results to differ from others but over subsequent scans we will see your progress


Our inbody 770 will provide you with your body weight, muscle mass, body fat, visceral fat, and segmental anaylsis

1. Book your scan

If you’re not a member of Hive, you will need to book your scan online or over the phone. This way we can ensure a team member is readily available to assist you when you arrive.

2. Arrival

Once you arrive at Hive, please wait by the front desk for a staff member to come assist you.

3. Measuring your Height

At Hive, we offer precise height measurements with our own Stadiometer. To ensure the most accurate results, we recommend removing anything that may add extra height, such as shoes, hats, high ponytails or buns. This helps ensure that your height measurement is as accurate as possible.

4. Before your inbody scan

You must wipe your palms and soles of your feet with the special Inbody wipes provided.

5. Stadiometer

Step on to the platform with your back to the machine. You want to make sure you’re standing up straight. The machine will then move downwards to align with the top of your head and take your measurement

6. Inbody Scan

 The screen will give you easy to follow prompts and a staff member will be present to assist you with this process. Once the scanning process is complete, we will print out and explain your results.


All our clients get the benefit of an inbody 770 body composition scanner!

This is the industry gold standard using bioelectrical impedance of 6 different frequencies to test 5 body segments in less than 1 minute! Water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral content in each limb and a host of other things! It is the only one of its kind here in CABOOLTURE!

Members find this is all complimentary as part of our commitment to their weightloss and body building goals.


Want to track your fat loss or body composition? Or maybe you are running a weightloss challenge for your clients and need some way to track their progress?

Our INBODY 770 is available for use on a pay as you go scale with discounts for multiple scans. Information booklets, print out of your scan and upload to inbody app if required.

$20 per individual scan or discounts apply for multiple.

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